Two Mexican films at the Worldwide Short Film Festival (JUN 5 and 10)

The Worldwide Short Film Festival has selected two Mexican films for this year edition:

“El Pescador” (The Fisherman)
Samantha Pineda Sierra | Mexico | 2011 | 11 minutes | 35mm | Fiction | Canadian Premiere
On the Day of the Dead, an elderly fisherman uses old photographs to bait his best and most beloved memories from the depths of the sea. A striking cinematic poem.
Samantha Pineda studied cinema in different countries like Mexico, England, Cuba and Australia. Her first short film, called “2 thirty five pm”, was selected for the “Women International Film Festival” in Mexico. In 2009 her short films “I AM”, a portrait of a woman in a foreign country, and “TICO”, an ode to a Mexican childhood, were selected in the Sydney Latin American Film Festival where she was recognized in an Australian newspaper as an upcoming film director.
Program: Opening Gala
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Tuesday June 5, 7:00 pm
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Sunday June 10, 9:30 pm

“Black Doll”
Sofia Carrillo | Mexico | 2011 | 8 minutes | Digital | Animation | Toronto Premiere
A creepy tale of two sisters bonded and bound by the ties that bind: co-dependence, separation anxiety and routine. An incredible mix of time-lapse and puppetry.
Sofia Carrillo has experimented with both Animation and Set Design. With “Out of Control”, her second film, she participated in Sitges, Sundance and Annecy film festivals.
Program: The night shift (includes three programs: 11:30pm, 1:15am and 3:00am)
Screening: Bloor Hot Docs Cinema: Sunday June 10, 1:15 am


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