The DiverseCity Fellows program is recruiting 2012 Fellows! (OCT 6)

Eager to become a more effective and influential city builder?
Excited to collaborate with leaders across different sectors?
Committed to making positive change and tackling tough issues in our region?
DiverseCity Fellows is a one-year action-oriented leadership development program that equips rising city-builders from the public, private and non-profit sectors with new knowledge, skills and connections to address issues that are critical to the future health and wealth of the greater Toronto region.

Each year, the Fellows program brings together twenty-five emerging leaders  to broaden their civic networks, deepen their awareness of issues facing the region and strengthen their capacity to lead change.

In this unique feedback-rich, action-learning program, the Fellows hear from emerging and established leaders, assess their own leadership skills, get matched with mentors, and practice collective leadership by forming multi-sectoral teams that develop city building projects of their own.

The Fellows program creates new networks of emerging leaders who are committed to cross-sectoral collaboration, thinking and acting like a region, and advancing inclusion and diversity. By connecting the Fellows to a wide range of civic leaders and public, private, and non-profit institutions, the Fellows program helps enrich city-building leadership networks with new and innovative perspectives from across the region.

Fellows are selected through a competitive process in the fall of each year.  Want more info?

DEADLINE: 5:00PM October 6, 2011

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