Sunday Poetry (AUG 12)

Sunday Poetry August 12, 2012
Sunday Poetry makes A Special Tribute to Winston Ho-Sang, our friend, supporter and host for 3 years at Ellington’s Cafe and Music.

With: IF – Dwain Wellington Nomaan – Ariel Len – Arnold Itwaru Natasha Ksonzek – Tarek Bibi June ‘Pepper’ Harris
Charles Roach 
Anthony Van Zant – Donna Corbett
Steve Hall – Victoria Robillard
Maria Elena Mesa Mejia
Whitney French
Rohan Campbell (MC)

**Please confirm as soon as possible if you would like to take part**

Sunday August 12, 2012
11:30 – 2:30 pm (sharp)
Ellington’s Music & Cafe
805 St Clair Ave West – Toronto

Join our circle for Poetry, music, visual Arts, performance and discussion on the issues and movements that are changing global consciousness
The work you choose for this event must be for all-aged audiences to see.

To contact us and sign up for a space as a Featured Artist:
Facebook: Sunday Poetry at Ellington’s

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