Research Art Exhibit: Stories of Latin American Undocumented Workers in the GTA (JUN 26)

We invite you to attend a community-friendly research art exhibition entitled:
“In(visible) Body-Mapped Stories of Latin American Undocumented Workers in the GTA”, June 26-28, 2012

Opening Presentation & Research Findings Launch: Tuesday June 26, 2012 @ 5PM, Toronto City Hall, Rotunda on the Ground Floor(100 Queen Street West, Corner of Queen Street W. & Bay Street)

About the exhibition:

This exhibition is based on a research project led by Dr. Denise Gastaldo (Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto) and Dr. Lilian Magalhaes (Department of Occupational Therapy, Western University), which utilized drawing and painting techniques with Latin American undocumented workers in the GTA to help them tell their migration and settlement journeys to Canada. Through their body maps, workers convey their reasons for leaving their countries of origin, for coming and staying in Canada, the work they perform here, and the health consequences (social, mental and physical) of living without the protection of citizenship. On display, are 20 body maps, which are impressive, 2-meter high, translucent prints that visually represent workers’ migration stories.

The title of the exhibition, “In(Visible)”, captures the in-between presence of this population:

Visible because it is estimated that there are half a million undocumented workers living and working in Canada; mostly in the Greater Toronto Area. Invisible because most Canadians believe they don’t know an undocumented worker.

Visible because they produce wealth and essential services that Canadians utilize for everyday living. Invisible because they use strategies to remain unnoticed within the multicultural mosaic of the GTA.

The key findings of the research study will be presented on the opening night of the exhibition. These findings draw from a comprehensive e-book written for the general public entitled, “Entangled in a Web of Exploitation and Solidarity”. The e-book will be available for downloading later this summer from

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