Antibiotic (MAY 16-18)

When we first arrived in Colombia we met  with over 400 children who were participating in our program “Healing Through Dance”. These children were some of the most welcoming, joyful, uncomplaining, and seemingly untroubled kids we had ever met.

We quickly learned, and were harshly awakened to their reality, when, while talking to them their first question about our lives back in Canada was if our parents were still alive. Or, when an eleven year old student was away one day, and we asked her classmates where she was, they nonchalantly answered “She was raped last night… so she is in the hospital today.”

However, just because they may behave like any other carefree children, and just because they can talk about these issues in such a casual manner, does not mean that they are not affected and troubled by what is happening in their lives.

It was not uncommon for a child or teenager to break into tears while talking or dancing about the various themes (themes such as violence, grief, disability, and so on). Even so, when asked if they wanted to sit down or take a moment to themselves, they would always want to keep dancing, because dancing proved to be a cathartic release for them.

“Healing Through Dance” provides these children with both an emotional and a physical outlet, that enables them to deal with the issues they are facing in their lives. It also helps them to express how they feel about these issues in a constructive and positive way.  These are just a few of the many stories that emerged during our time teaching and dancing in Colombia. The accounts of these children opened our eyes to what they face on a daily basis.

ANTIBIOTIC has evolved from our unforgettable experience with these children – spending time with them, talking with them, getting to know them on a personal basis, working and dancing with them, and experiencing firsthand the emotion and movement that these children expressed during the program.

This is a really exciting time for DeviationDance and we want to thank you because without your help this would not be possible !!!

MAY 16, 17 AND 18 @ 8pm
Winchester Street Theatre
80 Winchester Street
Toronto, ON M4X 1B2
Tickets $20/ $15 for CADA/Students and Seniors

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