Rally Against Human Rights Violations in Honduras by De facto Micheletti Government (AUG 8)

TORONTO: The Latin American Solidarity Network will rally at 12 p.m. on Saturday, August 8 at the US Consulate in Toronto to demand the US government work towards the immediate and unconditional restoration of Manuel Zelaya to the Honduran presidency in order to put an end to the human rights violations presently occurring in Honduras.
“The International Mission confirms the existence of grave and systematic violations of human rights in Honduras subsequent to the coup d’état. Some of these violations originate from the application of norms in open violation of the international agreements for the protection of human rights, the militarization of security functions and state institutions, abuses on the part of the State security forces, and lack of response from the guaranteed mechanisms of the State,” said a public statement by an International Human Rights Commission composed of fifteen independent professionals that recently visited Honduras.

The statement further concluded, “We have confirmed serious limitations on freedom of expression and intimidations intended to restrict the circulation of information criticizing the de facto regime. At this time, we consider a portion of the mass communication intermediaries of the country have had an attitude inconsistent with the plurality of ideas and democracy.”

Democratically elected Honduran president Manuel Zelaya was overthrown in a military coup in June and the de facto government has categorically refused to allow his return to power, threatening instead to arrest him if he sets foot on Honduran soil.

This rally will serve as lead up to more actions on Tuesday, August 11, the Global Day of Action Against the Coup in Honduras. The Latin American Solidarity Network is an independent and inclusive group of people and organizations working in solidarity with Latin American grassroots movements and struggles.

Saturday, August 8th @ 12pm

Across from U.S. Consulate

360 University Ave (south of Dundas St. West)


Luis Granados Ceja

Phone: 416-417-0931

E-mail: granados.ceja@gmail.com

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