Presentation of the Anthology ANTARES 2009

ANTARES Publishing house of Spanish Culture announces a new Presentation of
the Anthology ANTARES  2009, Creatividad Literaria y Artística/Literary and Artistic Creativity/Créativité Littéraire et Artistique, a trilingual Anthology (Spanish, English and French) which reflects creativity in the “Hispanic-Canadian Mode”.

The Presentation will take place on Saturday January 30th 2009, at  6:45 PM at THE CONFERENCE CENTRE, FITH FLOOR,  YORK RESEARCH TOWER  as part of the Conference, “RETHINKING MULTICULTURALISM: BRASIL, CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES”, under the auspices of the CENTRE FOR RESEARCH ON LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN (CERLAC).


Anthology Editor:
Margarita Feliciano

List of Visual  Artists:
Carlos Aranha, Encarnita Gardner, V.Tony Hauser, Guillermo Martinez Canizales, Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Harry Tanner.

List of  Literary Creators:
Salvador Alanis, Antonio Aragón, Ricardo Archer, Guillermo Bañuelos, Martin Boyd, Marie-Thérèse Chaput, María Figueredo, Fabiola Flores, Encarnita Gardner, Melissa Gélinas, Sal Godoy, Patricia Keeney, Claudio A. Kuczer, Nina La Porta, Karen Malicki-Sanchez, Jorge Nef, Luz Marina Ortíz, Ramón
Pacheco, Mery Perez, Manuel Romero Mier, Wendy Prieto, Benjamín Santamaría, David Tenorio, Alfredo Tinajero, Leslie Usín-Rojas, Norberto Velázquez, Adriana Vidal.

Rethinking Multiculturalism: Brazil, Canada and the United States
January 29 and January 30, 2010
York University

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