Panel: Crisis and the Global South (JAN 7)

The Crash of 2008, a crisis of U.S.-led neo-liberalism, is wreaking havoc on the poor in the Global South. This meeting will examine the causes and effects of the crisis, and suggest ways of fighting back.

Friday, January 16, 7 pm
Centre for Social Justice
489 College St., 3rd floor
(One block west of Bathurst)

Panel: Adam Hanieh, Niraj Joshi, Paul Kellogg

Moderator: Greg Albo

Organized by:
Venezuela We Are With You Coalition (CVEC) and Centre for Social Justice

Canadian Forum for Justice and Peace in SriLanka
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Colombia Action Solidarity Alliance
Latin American Network
Migrante Ontario / Bayan Canada
Toronto Haiti Action Committee

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