Dan a conocer nominados para “10 most influential Hispanic Canadians” 2009

Esta es la lista de los 34 nominados para el programa del 2009 “10 most influential Hispanic Canadians”. Los nominados, en su gran mayoría confirmados para asistir, provienen de 7 provincias representando 10 países de origen. Este viernes se a nunciaran los resultados en una recepción con 300 personas. El Ministro de Políticas Extranjeras de Canadá (Américas), Peter Kent, atenderá el evento.
Este programa demuestra las contribuciones positivas de los hispanos a Canadá. Galardonados anteriores incluyen a investigadores de talla mundial, activistas, ejecutivos y filántropos. Los jurados a cargo de la selección incluyen galardonados anteriores (2007 y 2008), y representantes del organizaciones canadienses e hispanas.  Los resultados están siendo auditados por un abogado independiente.

Asistentes confirmados incluyen exportadores, trabajadores comunitarios, profesores, oficiales gubernamentales, diplomáticos, prensa hispana y canadiense, y ejecutivos de más de 22 corporaciones como Nestle Canada – confectionary (viene su presidente), KPMG, Air Canada, Deloitte, Knoll, IBM y otros. Los asistentes recibirán el manual con las últimas estadísticas de los hispanos en Canadá (donde vivimos, tendencias laborales y de empleo, educación, religión, bienes raíces, religión, estado marital, etc.). Este manual es presentado por la Asociación de Empresarios Hispanos. Los asistentes podrán participar en una rifa valorada en $1.000. Esta también la oferta de dos becas de $10.000 cada una para estudiantes interesados en estudios  con el  the Canadian Law Enforcement College.

2009 NOMINEES (in alphabetical order by first name) – Perfiles reducidos a una línea.
ALBERTO ELMIR (Ecuador):  Elmir came to Canada with a Business degree from Ecuador. A real pioneer, he shaped Canada’s Hispanic media.
ALICIA GALARZA (Ecuador): Ecuadorian-born Alicia Galarza has demonstrated an exemplary level of volunteerism to the Hispanic community.
ALMA FARIAS (Mexico): She is Ontario’s representative for the Trade Facilitation Office Canada, a not-for-profit, CIDA-assisted corporation.
ANGELICA GALARCE (Chile): A graduate from a teacher’s college in Chile, she has played a pivotal role in promoting Latin American culture as the Artistic Director of Grupo Chile.
ANTONIO VALDES (Cuba): Owns and operates an international consulting firm that employs over 50 consultants from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela.
AXEL ARVIZU (Mexico): Only 26, this young entrepreneur was selected by Toronto’s Mexican community as Canada’s Representative at IME (Institute of Mexicans Overseas).
BEATRIZ JUAREZ (Mexico): Graduate from Mexico’s Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana with a degree in Graphic Communication Design in 1996. In 2002, she moved to ELLE Canada to become the art director.
CARLOS BASTIDAS (Colombia): Award-winning Carlos Bastidas is a composer and master performer of the South American flutes. His unique playing style has evolved from being classically trained on the bassoon.
CARLOS MORILLO (Colombia): Professor of Medicine and Director Arrhythmia Service at McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences, researcher at the Population Health Research Institute.
EDUARDO CANEL (Uruguay): Associate Professor at York University, Director of York’s Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC).
ENRIQUE FERNANDEZ (Spain): Head of the Dept. of French, Spanish and Italian at the University of Manitoba. Created Proyecto Sherezade, online site with contributors from the Spanish-speaking world.
FREDDY VELEZ (Colombia): Award-winning journalist Freddy Velez, editor of the weekly newspaper El Correo Canadiense , former Volunteer Coordinator i for the Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples (2000-2003).
GABRIEL LEIVA (Peru): Vice-President of Banking and Investments at CGI, the leading Canadian IT services provider. Co-funder and president of Hispanotech.ca, which promotes Hispanics in IT.
GERMAN CONTRERAS (Chile): Publicist, producer and script writer with media experience spanning over 25 years in both Canada and Chile. Marketing consultant for T. O. Latino and Teatro Hispano.
GIL PENALOSA (Colombia): Icon on urban planning and healthy cities, Colombia’s former Trade Commissioner in Canada and director of Walk & Bike for Life.
HENRY SAMUEL (Dominican Republic): His passion is to promote the values of his native country in Canada. Since 2003, he organizes the Dominican Independence Day.
HILARIO DURAN (Cuba): Multiple-award-winning pianist, composer, arranger, orchestra leader, educator and recording artist, Duran is a faculty professor at Humber College.
IVAR MENDEZ (Bolivia): Director of the Neural Transplantation Laboratory at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia. Pioneer in the use of robotics in neurosurgery, he is also a renowned artist.
JAIME GARCIA (Colombia): Author whose first literacy works were in English. Has published award-wining stories and novels.
JAIME PINTO (Chile): Former student supervisor at the University of Chile, health care professional at the Laval Hospital, president of Association of Spanish speaking people of Laval.
JOSE HERRAN-LIMA (Colombia): Lawyer,  diplomat in six countries: Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Brazil, Panama and Mexico.
JULIO TORRES-RECINOS (El Salvador): Associate Professor of Spanish and Literature at the University of Saskatchewan; president of Saskatoon’s Folkfest.
LILIANA ANGARITA (Colombia): Human rights defender, and social and communitarian worker, since 2006, she volunteers with the Canadian Human Rights International Support Team.
LUIS CARRILLOS (El Salvador): Has worked across Canada as educator and volunteer. Since 1994, the thrust of his work has been with the Hispanic Development Council on youth gangs.
LUIS TORRES (Chile): Poet and teacher. He is currently the Head of the Department of French, Italian and Spanish, University of Calgary, president of the Canadian Association of Hispanists.
MARLINDA FREIRE (Chile): Psychiatrist focused on assisting victims of human rights violations. Former Chief Psychiatrist at the Toronto District School Board
MARTHA NINO (Colombia): Llawyer with post-graduate studies on Taxation Law, she is a consultant with a law firm and director of Abanico magazine.
PAULA LARRONDO (Chile): Registered Social Worker, she works in clinical-medical social work at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. president of Ferncliff Daycare.
RAQUEL BENITEZ (Spain): CEO of Toronto-based Comet Entertainment Inc. and board member at Vitamin Cartoons Inc., and a member of the Canadian Picture Pioneers.
ROBERTO HAUSMAN (Uruguay): Publisher and editor of “Latin Life News”. Through his charitable foundation “Needy Children Assistance” has supported 17 different organizations
SANDRA LOZANO (El Salvador): Lawyer, founding members and current President of the Hispanic Ontario Lawyers Association representing it at the Law Society’s Equity Advisory Group.
SONIA RODRIGUEZ (Spain): Principal Dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, has appeared in numerous company premieres
VIVIANA ASTUDILLO (Chile): An artist with a civic-global conscience, her work has been published by UNICEF, Hallmark, UNEP, ICAF, murals and magazines.
XIMENA SALAZAR (Colombia): Specialized in event planning, she is a professional in audiovisual media and founded Mango Enterprises to bring brought the best of the Latin culture.

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